Philosophy of Biology UCMadrid Group


PhD students

Benazir Flores

Benazir Flores Valdivia is a Ph.D. student in Philosophy at the Complutense University of Madrid. She obtained a Degree in Philosophy at the University of Valencia (2013) and later concluded her Master's studies in Thought Creation (Escuela Contemporánea de Humanidades, 2018), Contemporary Culture (Complutense University and Ortega y Gasset Institute, 2018) and Education (Complutense University, 2020). Currently, she is a PhD student at the Department of Logic and Theoretical Philosophy (UCM) under the supervision of Laura Nuño de la Rosa and Vanessa Triviño. Her doctoral dissertation focuses on “Process Metaphysics in biology: a discussion of biological identity”. Her PhD research is being funded by the CONACYT program developed by the Mexican government.

Research interests: Benazir research interests concern metaphysical assumptions and implications of scientific practices. Specifically, she investigates the virtues and limitations of process metaphysics in accounting for the identity and persistence of organisms. 

Contact: benazirf[at]

Juan Jacobo Ibarra

Juan Jacobo Ibarra graduated in Philosophy and Letters at the University of Nariño (Colombia) in 2016. In 2019, he obtained his Master's Degree in Literature at the University of Barcelona (Spain). Since 2020, he is a doctorate student at the Department of Logic and Theoretical Philosophy, Complutense University of Madrid. His thesis, supervised by Laura Nuño de la Rosa, deals with The Realism-anti-realism controversy: new naturalistic and materialistic approaches

Research interests: scientific realism, new materialisms, evolutionary epistemology.

Salvador Esparza

Salvador Tlamatini Esparza García is a doctoral student in Philosophy at the Complutense University of Madrid. He earned his degree in Philosophy from the University of Guadalajara in 2014 and his master's degree in Philosophical Studies from the same institution in 2017. Currently, he is pursuing his doctoral studies under the supervision of Dr. María Cerezo, with the title: "A Critical Review of the Concept of System in Mario Bunge through Anglo-American Philosophy of Science."

Research Interests: Philosophy of science, materialism, metaphysics, system, emergence.

Contact: salvespa[at]